Portland Candidate Tracker 2024 Election

(Last updated on December 3, 2023)

What’s new?

  • Angelita Morillo (District 3) joined the list of the five top fundraisers with over $21,000 raised. Morillo has a popular TikTok channel where she posts about her race and civic issues.

  • District 2 (Northeast Portland) now has the largest candidate pool of any district with twelve official candidates. Seven candidates declared their candidacies in this district in November: James Armstrong, Mariah Hudson, John Middleton, Marc Koller, Jonathan Tasini, Laura Streib, and Reuben Berlin.

  • A new candidate committee has been formed for Rex Burkholder in District 3 (Central/Southeast Portland). Candidate committees allow prospective candidates to receive political donations.

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This is the portion of the tracker dedicated to unsubstantiated rumors.

  • According to the Willamette Week, former PGE exec and Kate Brown staffer Nik Blosser may be eyeing the position of mayor – if he doesn’t run for Congress first. Blosser’s spouse is former Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury.

  • The word on the street is that City Commissioner Dan Ryan is eyeing the vacant seat for Multnomah County’s second district. Interestingly, if Ryan were to run for County Commission and lose in the May primary, he would technically have time to run for City Council as well, since the official filing deadline for city races doesn’t open until June. Ryan lives in Council District 2.

  • Multnomah County County Commissioners Sharon Meieran and Lori Stegmann will soon be term-limited out of office. Meieran is rumored to be considering a run for City Council in District 4.

Top fundraisers according to the City of Portland:

  1. Mingus Mapps (Mayor): $39,374.

  2. Steph Routh (Council District 1): $23,820.

  3. Angelita Morillo (Council District 3): $21,328.

  4. Olivia Clark (Council District 4): $18,431.

  5. Chad Lykins (Council District 4): $15,550.

Source: Portland’s Small Donor Elections Program. Please note that reporting is delayed and some candidates have raised more than this.

Candidates for Portland Mayor:


  1. Durrell Kinsey Bey (Notice of Intent filed on 10/3/2023)

  2. Mingus Mapps (Notice of Intent filed on 7/3/2023)



  • Ted Wheeler (not seeking reelection)

Candidates for Portland City Council:

Each district elects three representatives. There are no actual incumbents since the repeal of the commission form of government voids the existing City Council. Therefore, sitting commissioners are listed as “pseudo-incumbents” in the district where they live.



  1. Terrence Hayes (Notice of Intent filed on 11/28/2023)

  2. Thomas Shervey (Notice of Intent filed on 9/26/2023)

  3. Candace Avalos (Notice of Intent filed on 9/26/2023)

  4. Deian Salazar (Notice of Intent filed on 9/22/2023)

  5. Jamie Dunphy (Notice of Intent filed on 9/21/2023)

  6. David Linn (Notice of Intent filed on 9/1/23)

  7. Timur Ender (Notice of Intent filed on 8/30/23)

  8. Steph Routh (Notice of Intent filed on 8/18/23)


  • Kevin McKay (candidate committee)

  • Sonja McKenzie (candidate committee)

  • Former County Commissioner Loretta Smith (rumored)



  1. Reuben Berlin (Notice of Intent filed on 11/28/2023)

  2. Laura Streib (Notice of Intent filed on 11/28/2023)

  3. Jonathan Tasini (Notice of Intent filed on 11/22/2023)

  4. James Armstrong (Notice of Intent filed on 11/20/2023)

  5. Mariah Hudson (Notice of Intent filed on 11/17/2023)

  6. John Middleton (Notice of Intent filed on 11/14/2023)

  7. Marc Koller (Notice of Intent filed on 11/9/2023)

  8. Joseph Emerson (Notice of Intent filed on 10/5/2023)

  9. Christopher Olson (Notice of Intent filed on 10/3/2023)

  10. Brooklyn Sherman (Notice of Intent filed on 9/18/2023)

  11. David Burnell (Notice of Intent filed on 9/6/2023)

  12. Debbie Kitchin (Notice of Intent filed on 9/5/2023)


  • Former Mayor Sam Adams (rumored)

  • PPS School Board Chair Michelle dePass (rumored)

  • Marnie Glickman (rumored)


District 3 (Central/Southeast)


  1. Tiffany Koyama Lane (Notice of Intent filed on 10/2/2023)

  2. Matthew Anderson (Notice of Intent filed on 9/22/2023)

  3. Daniel DeMelo (Notice of Intent filed on 9/5/2023)

  4. Robin Ye (Notice of Intent filed on 8/30/2023)

  5. Angelita Morillo (Notice of Intent filed on 8/28/23)

  6. Jesse Cornett (Notice of Intent filed on 8/22/23)

  7. Sandeep Bali (Notice of Intent filed on 8/14/23)

  8. Chris Flanary (Notice of Intent filed on 8/1/23)


Rex Burkholder (candidate committee)


  • Mingus Mapps (running for mayor)

District 4 (West)


  1. Moses Ross (Notice of Intent filed on 10/20/2023)

  2. Michael DiNapoli (Notice of Intent filed on 10/12/2023)

  3. Sarah Silkie (Notice of Intent filed on 10/6/2023)

  4. Olivia Clark (Notice of Intent filed on 10/4/2023)

  5. Chad Lykins (Notice of Intent filed on 9/26/2023)

  6. Tony Morse (Notice of Intent filed on 8/31/2023)


  • Stephen Hall (candidate committee)

  • John Toran (candidate committee)

  • Former City Commissioner Steve Novick (rumored)

  • County Commissioner Sharon Meieran (rumored)


Portland Auditor


Simone Rede (Notice of Intent filed on 11/1/2023), incumbent

Fun Facts

  • NO ONE’S OFFICIAL YET. The filing window is June 5 to August 27, 2024.

  • CAMPAIGN SEASON HAS ALREADY STARTED. Before June 5, candidates can announce, fundraise, and file their intent to participate in Portland’s public campaign financing program, which provides a 1-9 match on the first $20 contributions from individual donors up to the limits below:

  • GET READY FOR A HISTORIC BALLOT. All qualifying candidates will appear on the November ballot, where voters will be able to rank their top six choices.

    The ballot will look something like this.

  • HELLO, DISTRICTS! Portland now has four city council districts. Each district will send three representatives to City Hall, making Portland the nation’s only major city with multimember districts.

Portland’s new district map.

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